I have so many passions in life and hope I can inspire others...

Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle Marketing reflects the fact that when people buy a product or service, they are buying into that lifestyle. They want to be excited and inspired! It's all about the experience.

And Marketing is no longer about communicating TO people but about engaging WITH them & facilitating them engaging with each other.

In my Lifestyle Marketing Blog I discuss issues relevant to today's modern marketer.


Healthy Eating

To me, healthy eating is the most important lifestyle choice, & one of life's greatest pleasures. Why? Because it makes you feel good! I was very fortunate to be introduced to the merits of healthy eating in my teens, by a legendary England footballer - but that's a story for elsewhere! It isn't complicated: the human body & mind are very sophisticated pieces of kit, so if you want optimal performance from them, you need to provide them with optimal hydration & nutrition   #justsaying

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

I have always believed in 'mind over matter', and was privileged to be educated in NLP by the world's BEST i.e. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Neill and John La Valle. Since qualifying as Master Practitioner of NLP I have used those skills to transform the lives of friends, family & clients, as well as my own! In simple terms 'you are what you think you are'.

Read my Lifestyle blog  for inspiration




Hypnotherapy is about the subconscious mind. The majoriy of our behaviours are deeply engrained in our subconscious mind & sadly this includes bad ones as well as good! So many of the things we would like to change about ourselves are nothing more than learned bad behaviour and the quickest way to unlearn those behaviours is by commincating directly with the subconscious mind.

Isle of Skye

My love affair with the Scottish island of Skye began just over 15 years ago, but culminated in my buying a half acre plot of land at Lochbay & building a truly fab 4 bedroomed 'upside down' house with breathtaking sea views. Even one day on Skye clears the mind and refreshes the soul.



Quirky Antiques

I have been dabbling in antiques since my teens and it is deeply engrained in me to cherish old things. I love giving vintage things a new lease of life, either through upcycling or finding them a new home. I am constantly adding new treasures to my 2 online shops, one on Etsy and the other on Facebook. I also have a Quirky Antiques blog.


Latest News & Events...

» Latest Blog by Pamela Carvell: Make Changes for a Change | November 13th 2018

Change is an inevitable part of life. And, for the first 16 or so years of a human’s life change tends to happen TO us, whether this is nature changing us from babies to teenagers or parents dictating where we live, what we eat, and how we spend our time. So, one of the biggest challenges of growing up and becoming an adult is both managing the changes that happen to us and actually instigating the changes that we want in our lives. 

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» NLP & Hypnotherapy Consultations at the Henley Clinic | September 24th 2018

Pamela Carvell is delighted to be able to offer consultations in NLP & hypnotherapy at the prestigious Henley Clinic, with immediate effect. For more information either call the clinic on 01491 573344 or email Pamela at inspiremeplease2@aol.com

» National Hotel Marketing Conference 5th July 2018 | June 14th 2018

The National Hotel Marketing Conference will take place Thursday 5th July at the Hilton Hotel at St George's Park near Burton on Trent. It is a must-attend event for anyone involved in hotel marketing in the UK. Full programme here. Pamela Carvell is chairing the conference.