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TrainingMy thoughts on Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating means different things to different people. To many today 'healthy' means free of something e.g. Gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free.

To me healthy eating is about eating a varied and multi-coloured diet, of mainly fresh foods. It should be a balance of protein, unrefined carbs & fresh vegetables, with vegetables making up over 50% of each meal. 

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What Healthy Eating means to me – Happiness is a State of Mind


Pamela CarvellPamela Carvell

I am passionate about keeping fit, eating well, drinking lots (mainly Evian & strong Yorkshire tea), sleeping for 8 hours each night, having fun, surrounding myself with beautiful things, wonderful scenery & inspirational, positive people, and being passionate about things! Oh, and working hard!

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